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What can we make for you?

Fruit Cakes

Every one of our fruitcakes are hand-made from scratch and to order using fresh ingredients.

The fruit is soaked in Brandy and Sherry before being baked, and once it is cooked, is then fed with yet more Brandy & Sherry three times per week.

This creates a moist cake, with an amazing flavour.

We will then cover the fruit cake with Marzipan and ice to your requirments.






Sponge Cakes

Just like our fruit cakes, our delicious sponge cakes are freshly handmade to order using fresh ingredients and free-range farm eggs.

The sponge cake is very versitile and you can chose many different flavours and even colours.

Some of our most popular flavours than can be made:

- Vanilla

- Chocolate

- Lemon

- Coffee

- Carrott

If you have a different flavour in mind, just let us know, and we will do out best to meet your request.

Gluten Free Cakes

Dairy Free Cakes

We are now offering Gluten Free Diet Cakesand Dairy Free Cakes.

Please call or email us for more information, and for individual prices



The possibilities are endless when it comes to the shape of your cake.

We have a huge range of basic shapes - Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Heart, Flower etc, in different sizes.

We can also accomadate for more unusal shapes, by cutting them to your requirment.

I am also able to create number cakes from age 1 to 101...whatever you need!

Some Ideas to Inspire you...

This is just the start of what is possible. Be sure to checkout our gallery, which will give you a good idea of the kinds of things we can create for you.

Childrens Birthday Cakes

Almost anything is possible when it comes to making childrens birthday cakes.

With themes and ideasto suit every child at every age.

Have a browse through our gallery for more ideas, or if you already have an idea in mind, let us know, and we will turn your childs imagination into a cake.


Ever more popular for just about any occasion, cupcakes can be made in any quantity, colour, design and flavor, and there's no cutting required!

Cupcakes are perfect for parties or weddings, and make a lovely little gift for your guests to take away way the end.

Plus, the more cupcakes you buy, the better the price becomes.

Novelty Cakes

Novelty cakes are such good fun, and can be made for any age!

They work very well for birthday parites, and are almost always a talking point for your guests - who wont be able to wait to take a slice home with them.

No idea is impossible, so please dont be afraid to ask us if you have a specific request in mind...just let your imagination go wild!

Giant Cupcakes

Giant Cupcakes are a fabulous idea, especially if you want a cake that looks great, and tastes even better!

Cupakes are made with sponge cake, and are usualy iced on the bottom and buttercream is used to pipe the top.

You can choose any colour for both the bottom icing and the top buttercream.

They are great for patries, and will feed between 20-30 people.